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Fri, Jun 25, 2010

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Warning: This article may shock you!

arcimboldo_450 Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of research into commercial food practices and I was shocked to say the least!  I have decided to write this article to share some of my findings as I believe education is the key to optimal health.

The world is diseased and millions of people are dying from heart disease, cancer and pharmaceutical drugs. Many of these diseases can be prevented with the lifestyle choices we make and the foods we eat.  I am sure all of you know someone who has been effected by cancer or heart disease.  These diseases are preventable and curable and nutrition is the answer!

Some of the information that I share with you may be alarming and shocking to you (I know it was for me). My intention is to simply share the facts and allow you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Fruits and Vegetables

Commercial Fruits and Vegetables are grown in soil that has been depleted of more than 80% of the minerals and microorganisms. This leads to fruits and vegetables that contain 80% less vitamins and minerals (when compared to Organically grown produce). You may think you are eating healthy but the truth is you are probably lacking many key nutrients in your diet.

The fruits and vegetables are very sick and nature has an amazing way of dealing with sick foods. The fruits and vegetables do not contain adequate nutrition so nature’s way of solving this problem is to send bugs and insects in to attack the plants and return them back to the soil. Commercial Farmers obviously want to protect their crops so they use a wide range of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to eliminate the bugs and insects from destroying the crops. When you eat commercially grown fruits and vegetables you are getting very little nutritional value and you are filling your body with a wide range of toxins that are detrimental to your health.

The transit time from commercial farm to your local grocery store can often be weeks (or many months). To slow the ripening process fruits and vegetables are coated with a toxic array of chemicals. Many fruits and vegetables are also artificially coloured to ensure they appear healthy and edible (have you ever noticed the waxy residue on apples? This is a toxic combination of chemicals to enhance appearance and slow down the ripening process).

Commercial Meats

Commercial farming and mass production of meat has lead to incredibly poor quality and cruelty to animals. Cows are packed into huge holding yards and are unable to move. They are living in their own faeces. The cows get no exercise, no grass and are grain fed. They are very sick and to keep them alive they are pumped full of antibiotics (provided by pharmaceutical companies). When we eat the meat we ingest these antibiotics in large quantities and this has a dramatic impact on our health.

Cows are sold by the pound and many commercial farmers will do anything to fatten them up. Some commercial farmers feed cattle newspaper, cardboard and even cement dust to increase weight (these practices have been shown to increase bodyweight by up to 30%). When our bodies are loaded with toxins we put on excess body fat to store the toxins and keep them away from vital organs. Guess what we are eating when we eat the meat!

Chickens are stored in cages with their head out one end to eat grain and their backsides out the other end to lay eggs. Many chickens can’t even move in these cages and don’t receive any sunlight. Chickens often have their beaks removed to avoid fighting and cannibalization with other chickens.

Many meats have been irradiated to ‘sanitise’ them. A turkey is blasted with radiation equivalent to 150 million times that of a standard chest X-ray. I am surprised that they are not glowing!

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves have been shown to cause huge molecular changes in food that produce carcinogenic substances. Microwaved food has also been shown to destroy up to 97% of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

For a full list of dangers from microwave ovens click the image below:

The 4 White Devils

The 4 white devils include white flour, processed salt, sugar and pasteurised milk. These refined and processed foods have been linked to a wide range of diseases including Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes.

white_lily_bag Highly processed foods cause huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels and are stripped of many vitamins and minerals.

These products have very high calories and very minimal nutritional content.  This leads to millions of people being overweight or obese and malnourished!



Canned Food

Canned food was very convenient for soldiers in the war, unfortunately they are still around today!  Many people use canned and packaged foods as the main staples in their diet.  Canned food is dead food.  It contains no enzymes (due to heat treating) and many of the nutrients have been destroyed.  The inner linings of canned food are also toxic and these chemicals leech into the food.

Pasteurized Milk

Drinking pasteurized milk is like drinking poison. Pasteurization involves heating milk to extremely high temperatures to destroy the bad bacteria. Unfortunately this also destroys the beneficial bacteria and enzymes while destroying most of the nutrients from the milk.

The milk is then homogenized, a process where milk is pressurized at over 4000psi to break up the protein and fat structures to prevent milk separating and cream forming on the top. This makes the protein and fat molecules extremely difficult to digest and the body regards them as a foreign substance. The milk is then treated chemically to hide the smell of the rancid fats and is also bleached white to cover up the slightly brown appearance. A better option could be drinking gasoline!

Plastic Containers

Storing or heating food in plastic containers has also been proven to be very toxic to our health.  Chemicals from the plastic leach into the foods and these toxins act as estrogens in our body and dramatically effect hormone levels.

To all the mums out there – Heating milk in plastic bottles (in microwave ovens) can be extremely toxic to your babies.  Consider heating bottles in BPA free plastic containers or glass bottles in a saucepan.

Fast Food

fatkidI talked about the commercial farming methods for meat production.  A Fast Food hamburger contains all of the left over bits and pieces from the sick animals (I won’t go into details).  This is all mashed together in huge grinders and then poof, out pops a hamburger!  If you want to completely destroy your health then I recommend eating fast foods on a consistent basis!

Acidic Foods

Most disease is caused by a diet high in acid forming foods (highly processed foods, meats, dairy, fast food, sweets, bread, etc).  Our bodies must maintain a certain pH level to stay alive.  If our blood is acidic our bodies must neutralise this acid.  To do this it leeches calcium from the bones and uses the phosphate to increase the pH level.  This leaves free calcium circulating in the blood which combines with cholesterol and blocks arteries (the cause of heart disease).  This can also lead to osteoporosis.

Okay, so you might be thinking, what can I eat then? Am I going to starve to death?

The good news is that there is a wide range of amazing food that is readily available. You just need to become more conscious of what you are purchasing at the supermarket and what is going in to your body.

Top 10 Tips for Optimal Health

fruit_vegetables 1. Buy a wide range of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Yes, they cost more money but how much do you value your health?

2. Avoid highly processed / packaged foods as these have been loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Most of these foods are dead and have lost the majority of their nutritional content.

3. Buy organic free range meats. These animals have been treated humanly and do not contain chemicals or antibiotics.  They have also avoided irradiation.

4. Filter your water to remove chemicals and fluoride

5. Try to eat 60 – 70% of your foods raw. Cooking food kills enzymes and denatures proteins.

6. Avoid anything with artificial sweeteners (especially Aspartame). These sweeteners have been linked to several diseases including cancer.

7. Minimize consumption of empty calorie foods containing excess white flour, sugar and salt

8. Throw out your microwave oven and choose a convection oven instead

9. Avoid pasteurized milk products and choose certified organic whole milk products in their original state

10. Eat a diet high in alkaline based foods such as fruits and vegetables (especially leafy green vegies).

If it wasn’t around 10,000 years ago, think twice about eating it!

I believe that all disease is a result of malnutrition and stress. The pharmaceutical industry is a huge scam and they are making billions of dollars at the expense of our health (I won’t get into that now, I will leave that for another article!).

We have the power to choose what goes in our mouths and we also have the power to educate others to make informed decisions about our health. By purchasing foods from commercial farmers we are supporting the cruelty to animals and the use of chemicals and pecticides on our foods.

Make a decision to support local farmers with certified organic foods and we can all make a difference!

My health is my number one priority and I am passionate about sharing this information with as many people as possible.  If you enjoyed this article please help me to spread the word by sharing / liking this on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks.  I would also love to hear your comments below and please feel free to share any resources that you come across.

Remember – You are What You Eat!

I recommend purchasing the video ‘Food Matters’ for further education.  Click the link below and watch the video for a preview:

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8 Responses to “You are What you Eat!”

  1. Brad Says:

    Hi Guys, would love to get your comments and feedback on this topic. Please feel free to share video links, websites, articles, etc with more information :)

  2. Karen Dupuis Says:

    Hi Brad:
    Short and sweet!!! Excellent info!!!

    This is what I teach in my classes almost exactly. It is wonderful to see you spreading the word. I am passionate about this too!!!! Would never have believed it a few years ago…but I saw the results myself when I started drinking MonaVie. I was told I would be dead two years ago from Systemic Lupus….now feeling like I am 18 again!!! It’s no miracle cure….but everyone knows our bodies are like a well oiled machine…they are designed to keep us healthy if you give it what it needs to stay that way!!!!

    My only objections is that there is no such things as organic these days….it is better….but impossible to be chemical free with chemicals leaching thru ground water and air. But definitely a better choice. Best choice is MonaVie. It is not organic….but wild. Untouched by man and their chemicals….because it is grown wild….away from farmers. Wild is expensive…and hard to keep fresh in shipping. MonaVie offers a great, convenient, low cost way to supplement your diet with the best of nature’s goodness. Is $4-6/day worth better health??? I know it was a no brainer for me….lol.

    Also, you may want to include that water filters must be well maintained….dirty filters can lead to more bacteria, poor functioning, etc.

    And I have a ton of info in regards to how free radicals (stress) alter our bodies….and how fruits and veggies are sooo important to fight the high levels of stress we have in our society today. It is these free radicals that make our fat cells and cholesterol cells sticky, fyi. High levels of antioxidants and plant sterols help to offset these sticky fat/cholesterol cells.

    Is it any wonder that when our stress levels are at it’s highest in human history….and our food sources are at is lowest quality that we are all getting sick???!!!!

    Anyhow…I could go on and on….it’s my favourite topic. But well done!!!! Keep spreading the word!!!!

    All my best!!!

  3. Brad Says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback! I agree that MonaVie is a very powerful antioxidant drink when combined with a diet consisting of loads of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, etc.

    Poor nutrition is the number one cause for all diseases. Unfortunately people are not looking at the cause, they are simly using medication and prescription drugs to cover up the symptoms!

  4. Charlie Mitchener Says:

    Brad great article, and a terrific summary of fairly simple things to do to improve our health. There is no question our health is each of our responsibilities. Two movies certainly changed my thought on foods; Food Inc., and Supersize It. They are actually fightening to see what is available to purchase (I used to think that those chicken things were just chicken – was I surprised). Did you know that seeds have Round Up right in the seeds; perhaps it is safe, but sure crazy to me.

    As I started delving into how to overcome the commercial foods easily available, I learned 1) that it is essential to stay away from “fast food” places, 2) choose foods at grocery stores carefully, 3) shop at farmers markets when available. Basically you just have to think what you eat thoughtfully and carefully.

    In addition, I have accepted the fact that I am not going to be able to readily purchase foods with all of the vitamins and nutriants that my body requires. As you stated in your article the soils are not what they need to be, they have been depleated of what is necessary to produce the crops that contain what we need.

    I was led to an amazing discovery of supplements. Here are some of the facts I learned what a supplement must be:
    1. Liquid (boiavailable is the key)
    2. Organic and Wild Crafted (isn’t this what we are trying to get to)
    3. Extracts (much more powerful that concentrates, this process separates the botanical from the less nutritous and indigestable cellulose)
    4. Super Botanicals (get the goodness from as many as possible, such as Acai Berry, Gac, Goji, Noni, Fucodian, Mangosteen, Seabucktorn. Combine with these super botanicals pomegranate, aloe vera, and blueberries)
    5. Natural Perservative (stay away from sodium benzoate)
    6. Glass Container (avoid plastic)
    7. Serving Size (make it simple, 3/4 oz. serving once per day)
    8. Low Cost (what I use costs a little over a dollar per day)

    The bottom line is that I learned that I/we must be proactive with our health. As you said, we can cover up the symptoms, or seek products that give our bodies what they need to function at there best.

    To your health. Charlie.

  5. Brad Says:

    Hi Charlie, thankyou so much for sharing these valuable tips and comments, awesome work! I agree with you 100% and you have hit the nail on the head ‘we can cover up the symptoms, or seek products that give our bodies what they need to function at their best’.

    Our health is the most important asset that we have. Without our health, we have nothing. Instead of covering up symptoms of poor nutrition with medication and pharmaceutical drugs I encourage everyone to do some research and pay attention to what you put in your mouth. After all, you are what you eat!

  6. Muna Says:

    Great article. I was not very shocked as i have done a health course online and it listed simil= ar facts to your article.
    I mean it’s crazy living in a world like this and I try to be as healthy as i can… but apparently I am still not as healthy as i want to be.

    Other great ways to better your diet is by
    -having Salmon fish (it has to be atlantic or alaskan) at least 3-4 times a week.
    -Also the course mentioned that we should also have Olive oil on a daily basis as an intake and you should always rub it on yourself. However, not any olive oil as it has to be meditarian (spanish or italian) + cold press + extra virgin.
    -You should also buy what it’s called a green drink and have it every morning as even the organic vegies are lacking nutritions/vitamins comparing to 50 years ago!

    Yes I do believe that cancer and other diseases are as a result of what we eat.

    We are what we eat and think :P

    Thanks Brad!!

  7. Brad Says:

    Great tips Muna, thanks for sharing! I have found a great green drink and have it each morning. It is called ‘Vital Greens’. It is jam packed with loads of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I have definitely noticed a big difference in energy levels since taking it!

  8. Anthony Says:

    Hey Brad.

    This is a really nice article. I spent the first 30 years of my life In Africa and 90% of all the food we ate was fresh off the garden or farm and only consumed meat 2-3 times a month.

    Needless to say, I was in much better shape. The other day, I calculated the amount of calories I used to it and it was about $4000 a day. Today, I eat an average of 1500 and since coming to the United States 12 yrs ago, I have managed to add 30 lbs of unwanted fat on my body and it boggles the mind how that’s possible when my calorie consumption has gone down by more than 50%.

    I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what I know the culprit is.

    I’m now adopting a better cleaner, fresher, natural diet and we’ll see how things go. Still I feel bad for most people because I don’t know how things are where you are but organic food is prohibitively expensive here and I don’t know many people who can afford to feed themselves with Organics let alone feed a family of 5.

    What do you think a good compromise would be? I’d be interested to know.


    P.S. Just reading your facebook domination book right now. Great stuff as always.

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