I have a huge passion for travelling and extreme sports.  One of the greatest aspects of having an internet business is that I can travel anywhere in the world and all I need is a laptop!

In the past 18 months I have been fortunate enough to travel to South America, Bali, Mexico and New Zealand. I have included some videos below to share my extreme adventures!

What is your passion? What travel destinations would you love to visit?  What adventures would you like to experience? Start dreaming big and visualise yourself having already achieved these amazing things.  Our world is a truly amazing place!

One of the most powerful exercises I have done was completing a ‘Top 100 List’.   Write down the top 100 things that you want to experience in your life time.  It might be travel destinations, extreme adventures, fast cars, luxurious homes, charity work, etc.   Dream big and remember that anything is possible if you truly believe it!



Nevis Bungy – Queenstown

Ledge Bungy and Giant Swing – Queenstown

Canyon Swing – Queenstown

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